Upon returning home from the service, Tino began working for the Italian Grocery and Bakery in late 1946.  The business was owned by Mr. and Mrs. A. Perocco. In 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Perocco decided to retire and asked Tino if he would be interested in purchasing the business.  July 1, 1947 Tino and his partner, Antonio Bortolazzo, took over the Italian Grocery and Bakery.

In 1957 Mr. Bortlazzo decided to retire.  Tino had a decision to make buy his partner out or sell.  Tino’s sister, Terry, gave him another choice: sell the bakery, keep the grocery and she continued to assist him.  Keep both and she leaves.  Well, we all know what happened.  Tino kept the store and sold the bakery to Rosendo Vior, Sr.

July 1, 1957 Tino took over the Italian Grocery as a sole proprietor.  The bread still came from the bakery made with the same recipe.  Not too long after this the sandwiches came into existence.

Tino owned and operated the Italian Grocery at 716 Olive Street until he was forced to move by the Housing Authority.  The Housing Authority purchased the property in 1976 to make room for low cast housing.  Tino was offered 3 parcels in the neighborhood and chose the 415 E. De La Guerra St. parcel.  He purchased the property with his then wife, Edith, and they built and relocated the business to where it operated until March 15, 2014.

Tino and Edith parted ways in 2013 leaving her with the land and building on De La Guerra and him with the business that was his life blood.  Tino passed away on January 2, 2014 and as per the lease agreement the business had to relocate once again.

Tino had known that relocation was a necessity and had looked at several potential locations.  When the Carrillo Street location was found he took a look at the site and gave it his blessing.