Tino’s spirit is what carries us forward.  The reason behind the relocation is his legacy and love of the business.  Tino’s niece and nephews have grown up in this deli and like him could not let it go.  As Tino would say “it’s in the blood”.

The sandwiches will remain the same and the Italian specialty items will continue to be provided.  There will be some changes as modernization is a necessity.  But Tino’s customer respect and love of good food will carry on.

The next generation is lucky to have Terry, Tino’s sister, to guide us and to keep us on track.  As he said, “she is my right hand”.  Thusly she is our rock.  Deanna, Dino and Elio look to her for guidance with each step that is taken.  Without Terry this journey would have been much more difficult.  We are blessed to have her.

We look forward to serving our customers for many years to come!!!